Suzanne Whitby is an oral storyteller who tells folk tales, wisdom tales and world stories that have been told for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years….

With a repertoire of over 200 stories gathered on her travels across the globe, Suzanne tells stories that tap into what it means to be human, offering stories that are funny, tragic, wise, silly, divine, sinful, complex, rich, simple and so much more.

Warm and engaging, Suzanne tells her stories throughout Europe, South Africa and the USA with a natural, casual storytelling style, leaving both adult audiences and children wanting more!

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“When Suzanne enters a room, a hush falls and all eyes are fixed on her. With the words “Once upon a time”, we’re all transported from our seats and taken on a journey to far off places, time periods and sometimes find ourselves in rather challenging situations. She is a remarkable storyteller, with remarkable stories to tell.”

- Joni Friedrichson, Boulder, Colorado


E is for… Nasruddin and the Ethics of Eating Fish

2 weeks ago 0 0 48

Nasruddin’s manners can sometimes be questioned, but he is always quick off the mark with a clever response.


D is for… Nasruddin and Death

2 weeks ago 0 0 23

Perhaps I have a bit of a black humour, but I find stories about Nasruddin and death funny. They’re wry and simple and subtly convey some of our fear of the unknown.


C is for… Nasruddin and Crumbs and Coins

3 weeks ago 0 0 127

Sometimes I wonder if crumbs and coins are all that different. Sprinkled liberally, they keep most people and creatures at bay…